salvadore dali.

Dali magazine covers. He also designed the Chupa Chups logo.
source: strawberige


pigeon pie said...

They are amazing!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

Very cool. I look Chupa Chups, I never knew he designed them. Amazing.

Let It Be Raw said...

Yes! Dali makes life more interesting.

MaeMae Paperie said...

these are blowing my mind.

rubi said...

WHAT!?! He designed the Chupa Chups logo? That is the coolest thing I've heard this week!

Anna Maria said...

So wonderful! Chupa Chups? Who would've thought it! We had a huge Dali exhibition come to Melbourne a few years back. It's truly astounding how broad his portfolio was. The animation he made with Walt Disney was fantastic viewing... x

Liza said...

This would make me pick up a Vogue magazine so much quicker than any actress!

Anonymous said...

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Hank Hendricks said...

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